Hi, we're Pairity.

The most advanced platform for the accounts receivable management industry.

Debt Recovery

Done Right

People First

Knowing your consumer is everything. Pairity learns, organizes, and scores behavior to drive strategy.

The Smartest Way Forward

Pairity’s AI is a quick study: It learns from every interaction across your entire firm to make each contact more successful than the last.

Make Your Time More Profitable

Pairity’s AI does the data analysis for you; it learns behavior, discovers patterns, and delivers concise reports so you can spend more time doing what algorithms can't.

Better Results with Built-In Compliance

Our beta program participants saw a 22% increase in revenue over the course of six months, while making fewer attempts at consumer contact, saving them money and reducing complaints.

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AI For Real People

Nothing completely replaces human communication. Pairity’s AI does the most complicated and time-consuming part of debt collection behind the scenes and presents it in a simple, streamlined interface.

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