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Pairity was founded on the idea that advanced technology could solve the consumer debt crisis for everyone: lenders, collectors, and individuals who are repaying debt.

With modern artificial intelligence, rapid machine learning, and new products like a portfolio marketplace and a debt management portal launching soon, Pairity helps real people recover.

Greg Allen

Chief Executive Officer

Greg leads our algorithm development and overall business strategy. He developed and sold his first tech product when he was still in college, and believes that introducing new technologies can enable better business practices.

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Brad Bartram

Chief Operations Officer

Brad is our expert in security, compliance, and operational efficiency. He’s managed projects for some of the world’s largest companies and designed the technology behind one of the most in-depth criminal internet investigations ever conducted.

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Brian Lima

Chief Technology Officer

Not to be confused with the Samoan rugby player, Brian Lima is our Big Data and software architect. He’s led engineering and analytics at Ai Squared, AOL and Nokia, and believes that all questions can be answered through data.

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Cameron Byrd

Chief Information Officer

Cam is an AI and machine learning expert who’s designed top-secret applications for Raytheon, and led engineering at a startup acquired by Intel. He believes that any AI platform should provide explanations for the conclusions it draws.

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Bryan Jablonski

Chief Business Development Officer

Bryan’s been a Virtual Chief Operating Officer and Director of Operations with several industry-leading receivables management companies. At Pairity, he focuses on risk-mitigated business capital investment, process improvement, and efficiencies.

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Greg Militello

Chief Product Officer

An expert in object-relational mapping and customer relationship management, Greg has designed and implemented reliable products across a range of industries for the past 20 years.

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