Putting it Bluntly: A Simple Overview of Pairity AI

Pairity is a team of FinTech engineers, A.R.M. veterans, and of course, machine-learning experts, so it’s easy for us to get carried away with industry lingo and “inside baseball” technical-ese.

But “humanity” is one of our brand values and we pride ourselves on being “AI for real people.” To that end, we’ve challenged ourselves to explain our explainable AI in just a few paragraphs, steering clear of anything that sounds more machine than human.

(Of course, if you’re ready to dive into details, we’ve got them, and will point you in the right direction.)

1. Pairity Marketplace

An all-in-one source for buying, selling, and contracting portfolios for service. Only legitimate (vetted) buyers and sellers are admitted to the Marketplace so you have some built-in assurance that you wouldn’t have on the open market.

We’re also kind of a matchmaker for buyers and sellers. The same way our AI vets each party, we also pair sellers with the most qualified buyers according to the industry, debt type, and specialization.

What else does our Marketplace AI do?

  • Assesses all the data in a given portfolio (not just static credit histories, but multiple, dynamic data points that no one else looks at) and compares it against other portfolio data to generate an objective “collectability” score. (So buyers can make informed choices.)

  • Using similar data points, our AI also generates a suggested selling price for a seller to use (or ignore — it’s certainly not required to sell on the marketplace.)

  • Offers secure and compliant previews of account and customer data, including debt types, totals, account provenance and transfer histories, estimated returns, and more.

Oh, and cloud-based AI (rather than traditional data transfers) means a lightning fast exchange once the sale or contract is complete.

Want more Marketplace details? Read our whitepaper or check out a detailed infographic.

2. Data Science as a Service

Think of us as the Marie Kondo to your scattered, unconnected data from various sources and vendors. Pairty AI gathers everything you’ve got, draws conclusions based on the patterns it finds (and explains these conclusions in human terms) and quickly builds machine learning models to leverage these findings for collections. Doesn’t that spark joy?

You get a constantly learning and evolving strategy as you continue collecting more, with significantly less spending on static data. Our DSaaS offering uses the same technology that generates collectability scores of portfolios in the Pairity Marketplace.

Pairity is also able to prioritize workloads, recommend modes of contact and ideal forms of communication for each individual contact.

In short, it’s a fully integrated AI solution to put your business ahead of the pack.

Learn more about the Pairity Data Science as a Service here.


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