How to Explain Pairity’s Explainable AI to Regulators

There are myriad reasons AI is an efficient (we’d argue the most efficient and intelligent) solution for all facets of the financial industry. And as Chris Smith wrote on InsideARM recently, the collections sector is especially benefitting from machine learning too. 

But explaining new and complex tech to regulators can pose a challenge. 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t outline how Pairity’s “explainable AI” does its own record and retention, and for the sake of compliance, can do a lot of explaining itself. 

  • Pairity synthesizes complex models and explains the results in clear, user-friendly language that’s also documented for compliance. 

  • Applied models are recorded in easy-to-understand language that helps you build ongoing strategy and explain choices and tactics to regulators. 

  • Call scripts are examined and used to build out comprehensive reference material

  • Pairity AI can monitor the entire content of 100% of calls made

  • Call content is analyzed using Natural Language Processing

  • Disposition numbers are recorded and maintained

Learn more about Pairity’s data science as a service here.


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