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In her excellent address to the ARM industry for a post-Covid world, Joann Needleman outlines the opportunity to update old processes and move toward more tech solutions. With the abrupt shift to remote agents and the investment of software and hardware to accommodate these new work environments, many firms are all but forced to adapt to a digital world. The good news is consumers prefer this new world over traditional solutions and regulators are starting to adapt as well. 

Pairity was built with today’s consumer in mind because we want to help firms help them. We’ve built our AI specifically to bridge gaps in communication, drive better engagement, and help all parties reach mutually agreeable outcomes much quicker. 

We also built our products knowing that ARM firms are our chief consumer, so we made sure our technology is easy to adopt. In fact, you can customize our AI platform to serve your most immediate needs and build from there. We also made onboarding easy so you can get up and running with an AI-powered collections platform in a matter of days, not weeks or months.  

Technology should be flexible and accessible, so getting up to speed with an AI solution from Pairity doesn’t require an astronomical upfront investment. Whether you’re interested in chat bots, virtual employees, or payment portals with negotiation capabilities: Pairity's Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) quickly gathers, consolidates and connects your company's data; delivering clear, human-focused conclusions and setting the foundation for your organization's future integrations.

There will always be periodic events that disrupt our daily lives and the way we conduct business. We can’t control that. On the flip side, technology will keep evolving to meet new challenges, and it’s up to us whether we watch it go by or keep up to stay ahead. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything as it relates to the ARM industry, it’s that we don’t want to get caught without ready, viable, and scalable tech. 


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