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What Clients Are Saying About Pairity Marketplace

The place to be: a bustling open bazaar where craftsmen, artisans, and grocers sold their wares. Everyone was there with the same expectations in mind — to buy, sell, and find the best deal possible. Back in the 6th century, silver drachma coins were the way to pay. Today, almost everything is digitized and online business continues to grow. Sellers are spread across the world, and there’s no easy way to substantiate everyone. There hasn’t been a central, intelligent platform for vetted debt buyers and sellers to come together until now. Pairity is bringing a new level of trust and technology to the ARM industry’s transactions with our Marketplace, and so far, our clients love it.  

Clients who tried out Marketplace say it’s a fast, smart, and easy way to facilitate debt bids, sales, and purchase. They’ve found the onboarding process straightforward and the website easy to navigate. In addition, everyone in the Marketplace is pre-approved, and each portfolio is vetted prior to bidding, allowing clients to be assured in any exchanges. Plus, it’s free to list and purchase portfolios. If a portfolio sale is finalized, a nominal fee is applied. 

One creditor client’s experience has been the ease of optimization. Marketplace’s ability to consolidate placement files in one location made the client’s workload more manageable. In addition, the AI-powered Marketplace ran collections simulations, allowing our client to quickly gather insights and delegate accounts to appropriate servicers.

One of our servicer clients says Marketplace saved them time and money. Instead of working with multiple vendors and consultants, the servicer could prioritize clients and staff as needed ahead of time by previewing the portfolio’s stats. When the client combined internal tools and Pairity’s AI platform, associated risks were lowered. Plus, with Pairity’s real-time scoring system and Pairity AI’s best-price bidding advice, the client could bid more competitively on portfolios they were certain would provide a return. 

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