AI: The Newest Addition to Your Team

Pairity's AI service delivers fast answers and algorithms based on every type of your organization's data. Improve internal processes, consumer relationships, conversion rates, and set the stage for future AI-driven solutions — all within a compliant, streamlined service.

Start here, go anywhere

Chat bots, virtual employees, payment portals with negotiation capabilities: AI-driven solutions require you to first streamline your data with — you guessed it — AI. Pairity's Data Science as a service quickly gathers, consolidates and connects your company's data; delivering clear, human-focused conclusions and setting the foundation for your organization's future integrations.

Bring your data together

No more manually linking different data points from all your separate vendors. Pairity's AI is able to quickly gather your data from every disparate corner and service provider, and connect it in one catch-all, super-fast platform.

Conclusions, explained

Once Pairity's AI analyzes the universe of data points in your organization, draws its conclusions, and creates algorithmic models based on those findings, it's able to explain the results in clear, human-focused language. You'll gain insights upon which to build strategic plans and also have automated, compliant documentation.

Pay Based on your usage

Similar to any other cloud-based service, pay based on the amount of your data. Apply for Access to Pairity’s AI-Driven Data and get a free data assessment.