About the Platform

Pairity’s advanced AI quickly streamlines all of your organization’s data, leverages it to its full potential, and increases the success of each contact in a user-friendly and compliant interface.

Puts it all together

Pairity collects multiple data points from every contact that your organization makes — through every channel — to each individual consumer.

Connects the dots

Pairity’s AI gets smarter with each contact and draws previously undiscoverable connections and patterns across your entire organization.

Is always working

Pairity continually updates its learning and delivers concise reports with advanced consumer scoring and specific recommendations for effective and compliant approaches for each contact.

Plans ahead for you

Pairity uses up-to-date consumer profile analysis to identify potentially high-value accounts and optimize individual workflows for agents.

Why Pairity?

Quick & inexpensive scrubbing

Less downtime for onboarding

Pay Only If It Works

What Our Customers Say

Pairity software made me realize that less is more. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allowed my organization to make smart calls and the results have been tremendous.

Jamie M (Collections Data Analyst)

Fewer telephone calls, more productivity, a manager’s dream come true, thanks to Pairity.

James B (Team Leader)

My organization made 18% less calls month over month yet realized increased revenue by nearly 50%. Technology has finally made its way into collections!

Ryan B (Director of Operations)

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